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Why You Should Love Microsoft Visual Studio

Why You Should Love Microsoft Visual Studio

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Application, Freelance, Microsoft, Visual Studio |

Should you love Microsoft Visual Studio? Every developer out there is trying their best to improve their skill level into developing various applications, apps, websites, systems, etc. but when it comes to finding only one program that will handle everything for them, you’ll get mixed reviews.

In fact, at least most developers have more than one program at hand that will handle all programming languages and development for them because they feel more comfortable that way. But what is with Microsoft Visual Studio that you got to love that other programs don’t?


Read on further to find out

ProgrammingWith the recent development and release of Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online is already available. A lot of those who have been waiting for this feature are getting angst whether or not the company was really going to keep their promise, but here it is.

Connected to the Team Foundation Service, it is now available for a change. Those who are new to using this feature will get unrestricted access in ninety days, but after that they will have to go through the complicated maze and navigate their way through the end of their licensing scheme.

But is this a reason to celebrate, knowing that this feature was free to use before? This just means that they are committed to making this particular feature viable, which is ALM aimed at teams of various sizes, which is the reason why you will witness all those complicated schemes with licensing.

Check out VSO features, too!

Going on with this feature and exploring it, you should take a look at VSOnline for teams, too, and then followed by the TFS.



Have you heard of the Peek Definition? There are developers that have difficulty with inserting a certain code into an existing class or method, which they end up opening more than ten different windows through the courtesy of the function “Go to Definition”.

This is kind of difficult to manage and can get really annoying when bouncing off from one window to another. Yet with Peek Definition, you will be able to open up those definitions in just a sub window and you won’t need to lose the code’s context that you are currently working on.

Faster access for  Designing

You don’t even need to spend your 15 minutes tilting through all windows. You can open a lot of layers as you please and navigate through all of them freely. Another feature, which is the Agile Portfolio Management, which simplifies complexity.

This is something that those who are against complexities will really love to take advantage of, especially with freelance developers that want to simplify everything so that they can take on more subjects. Microsoft got rid of those complex formulas and tools into one simple yet very powerful implementation that involves many levels of flow.

Why you should LOVE Microsoft Visual Studio

This will work wonders as long as you know where you are looking.


If you are a freelance developer, you should try out Microsoft Visual Studio now. You must have at least noticed how a lot of freelancers like you include the use of the Visual Studio into their portfolio. This is because they find it helpful in their work.

Being a freelancer, it is a good idea to buy the software rather than pirate it. Even if you have bad credit, you can buy software by using a “high risk merchant account payment gateway“.  This is a fancy way of saying a credit card that is tied to your freelancing business. Putting charges on the card makes it easier for paying taxes quarter to quarter.

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What Makes Microsoft Visual Studio Great?

What Makes Microsoft Visual Studio Great?

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Application, Freelance, Microsoft, Visual Studio |

Here is a bold statement: Microsoft Visual Studio is great for business! You might hear someone at the back say that this is preposterous. Some would say that it’s impossible. Truth be told, how Microsoft Visual Studio is great depends on who uses it.

This is an IDE program, which has a set of code editor coupled with other tools that is useful in creating modern web applications, web and software development.

Where things went Wrong

If you take a look at how far the Microsoft has dealt with the criticisms in regards to their programs, as of recently they have garnered a lot of positive feedback, especially with the recent Microsoft Visual Studio. They are just unaware of the history of this software and the advances that have taken place since.

Freelance developers have even include Visual Studio into their resume, as it is required by a lot of companies these days. If you are a freelance developer, you should consider learning more about Visual Studio.


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Abstract connect with world (done in 3d)

Taking a look around with those who have used the recent development of Visual Studio will tell you how the changes have affected those who used to be disappointed with its offerings. Take for example how a number of developers expressed their hatred towards the Team Foundation Server.

Visual Studio has a Team now

When asked for the reason why, it narrows down to either one of these two aspects: the Team Foundation Version Control or the Microsoft Test Manager. But these days, one of them is already out of the picture. However, they have made something quite interesting, which is the Microsoft Git, which is hosted into the TFS or the Visual Studio Online.

This feature will make you work with third party repositories if you have the need to, although this particular feature has limited functionality. Whatever those limitations are, Git combined with the ALM power through the Visual Studio is an amazing feat to brag about.

Bragging rights for VSO

Another thing that developers would like to brag about the Visual Studio is their Application Insights. A lot of developers admit that the first time they saw AI or the Application Insights really blown their mind, although it was just the same like the Google Analytics. However, they have been wrong about it.

Computer Programming

This particular feature is capable of gathering massive numbers of telemetry data that are connected from any applications. The word application is what makes it different here – this particular feature is talking about gathering data on all levels of the stack, wherever it may be from.

It is an amazing feature to use and it even got such an amazing user interface. For developers, especially freelancers dabbling into SEO stuff and whatnot, they will find this feature truly amazing and helpful and they love Microsoft Visual Studio for it.


javascriptIt also depends on whether or not Microsoft Visual Studio is the right one for you. If you have been following what Microsoft has been doing with their programs, you will see a big difference and what an amazing change the company has done to their strategies.

Debugged code and other Advances

Just like how Visual Studio Code has really changed – a code editor with an interactive UI, which shows you a debugging report and many other tools that will immensely help and be convenient for developers.

If you are curious, why not try it out now? You might find other amazing features that are not mentioned here.

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Reasons Why You Should Use Visual Studio

Reasons Why You Should Use Visual Studio

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Application, Freelance, Microsoft, Visual Studio |

Change you life and use visual studio for your projects! Have you heard about how Microsoft Visual Studio has changed their way of providing coding experience that will be more convenient for developers, especially for freelancers? If you think back on how Visual Studio started, it was just Visual Basic.

It was even only used to develop programs exclusively for the Windows platform, so developers would have to employ another application or an open-source program that will help them develop programs that can run on any platforms.

But these days, competition is very tight, not to mention one programming language over the other are also completing to become the best. Unfortunately for them, it all lies whether or not the developer is comfortable with using it to begin with.


Programming_WordleHowever, if you take a look around, a lot of professors at universities that are teaching all about computer programming are recommending to use Microsoft Visual Studio for beginners. It was like this was well in decades past – Visual Studio during its first years was used for beginners and lessons at school. The reason for this is because it is not only a code editor.

It is an IDE, meaning Integrated Development Environment. This means that you get an editor and at the same time the intellisense and debugging support. That’s not all – you get to see lots of tools that will help developers improve their code. It doesn’t mean to say that text editors are no longer used these days.

There are hardcore developers that are convinced using text editors because it is how programmers should be. But there are also those who adapt to the times that using an IDE is more convenient.This is a reason why I love Microsoft Visual Studio!

computerworldWhat other reasons are there to use Visual Studio?

Aside from learning from it as a beginner, it can also be used one of the skills of a freelance developer should they wish to become more visible and capable in programming or creating various apps, software and web applications.

Though you might hear others say what a bad application to use Visual Studio is, you will be astounded of the things that you will learn from it. Take for example how you can take advantage of the Code Maps.

There are Architecture Tools included into the program, which is highly recommended to use when navigating through the codes.

You can use it in extending the code with new functionality and how to do it. You can also do it in backwards if you are taking a look at a piece of code you are not familiar with. A lot of freelance developers are utilizing Visual Studio as their main coding editor for C++, F#, C# and many other languages.

You could not do this if you compare it with Visual Studio in its early versions.

Freelancers need Microsoft Visual Studio

Freelancers ought to learn more programming languages that they can integrate or use within the Visual Studio Code editor. There might come a time that you are not only going to use the program for beginner’s lessons, but also a way for you to earn more profit being a freelance developer yourself.

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What You Need to Know About Microsoft Visual Studio

What You Need to Know About Microsoft Visual Studio

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Application, Freelance, Microsoft, Visual Studio |

There are things to learn about Microsoft Visual Studio. You all know how Microsoft takes their fair share of criticisms from its users and non-users, but all these years they have still provided new products that they believe will help those whoever finds it useful. Take for example with their Visual Studio, which is an IDE developed from Microsoft.

It is a suite used in developing various computer programs for the Microsoft Windows platform, but also is used to create websites view-able to any platform, including web services and web applications.

You can find a lot of self-help guide in Microsoft Visual Studio’s very own official website, where you see various tutorials on how you can take advantage of the suite itself. You will learn creating Office applications, desktop application, cross-platform apps and many more.Within this IDE, you will find the Visual Studio Code.

It is a source code for cross-platform that includes a text editor.

Word Cloud "Source Code"This is actually the first time that Microsoft tackled and offered this to developers because ever since in history, Microsoft Visual Studio has always been made exclusive to the Windows platform alone.

It was a challenge for developers to create a program that can run on any platform. This is one of the criticisms that a lot of developers were disappointed with. Which is why it was better for the developers to stick with a cross-platform to work with.

It was even open source – developers no longer need to pay for using the platform itself since any developer can make alterations and contribute their opinion, which in turn the company will look into it and make changes.

What is New about Microsoft Visual Studio

These days, Microsoft changed the game. The editor of the program itself is based on a software called Electron, which is also based on Chromium, which is utilized in deploying io.js applications. Schools are teaching newer ways to use this software!

Developers are able to use the tools in building web applications using TypeScript, JavaScript, ASP.NET 5 and many others. It will even aid the developers integrate Visual Studio Online and Azure of the same maker. Microsoft stated that the tool itself will seamlessly combine with the code repositories and package managers.


2Freelancers that are working as software, web or app developers can make use of Microsoft Visual Studio to their leisure. However, you need to think about whether your current skills is on the same level with other competitors.

You are a freelance developer, which is one of the most populated career when it comes to online jobs. You need to hone your skills with using Visual Studio, and pick up a particular genre that makes you think that you can do well with and love it.

You can learn more about Visual Studio and learn other cross-platform code editors  aside from Visual Studio, and market yourself if you think you have what it takes to be a professional freelance developer.

Post your resume in one or two of online sites that supports freelancers like you. You will also find there other developers seeking jobs like you, so if you think you lack in the skill, develop your skills more or just take on simple projects and improve there.

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