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Should you love Microsoft Visual Studio? Every developer out there is trying their best to improve their skill level into developing various applications, apps, websites, systems, etc. but when it comes to finding only one program that will handle everything for them, you’ll get mixed reviews.

In fact, at least most developers have more than one program at hand that will handle all programming languages and development for them because they feel more comfortable that way. But what is with Microsoft Visual Studio that you got to love that other programs don’t?


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ProgrammingWith the recent development and release of Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online is already available. A lot of those who have been waiting for this feature are getting angst whether or not the company was really going to keep their promise, but here it is.

Connected to the Team Foundation Service, it is now available for a change. Those who are new to using this feature will get unrestricted access in ninety days, but after that they will have to go through the complicated maze and navigate their way through the end of their licensing scheme.

But is this a reason to celebrate, knowing that this feature was free to use before? This just means that they are committed to making this particular feature viable, which is ALM aimed at teams of various sizes, which is the reason why you will witness all those complicated schemes with licensing.

Check out VSO features, too!

Going on with this feature and exploring it, you should take a look at VSOnline for teams, too, and then followed by the TFS.



Have you heard of the Peek Definition? There are developers that have difficulty with inserting a certain code into an existing class or method, which they end up opening more than ten different windows through the courtesy of the function “Go to Definition”.

This is kind of difficult to manage and can get really annoying when bouncing off from one window to another. Yet with Peek Definition, you will be able to open up those definitions in just a sub window and you won’t need to lose the code’s context that you are currently working on.

Faster access for  Designing

You don’t even need to spend your 15 minutes tilting through all windows. You can open a lot of layers as you please and navigate through all of them freely. Another feature, which is the Agile Portfolio Management, which simplifies complexity.

This is something that those who are against complexities will really love to take advantage of, especially with freelance developers that want to simplify everything so that they can take on more subjects. Microsoft got rid of those complex formulas and tools into one simple yet very powerful implementation that involves many levels of flow.

Why you should LOVE Microsoft Visual Studio

This will work wonders as long as you know where you are looking.


If you are a freelance developer, you should try out Microsoft Visual Studio now. You must have at least noticed how a lot of freelancers like you include the use of the Visual Studio into their portfolio. This is because they find it helpful in their work.

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